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At Global Music Branding we partner with you to create world-class, tailor-made music. We offer you a personalised and immersive process. A journey with friends.

Our Work.

At Global Music Branding we are in the business of feelings. Our global family of emotion creators include grammy-award winning and nominated producers and songwriters.

We love music

We are more than a music production company. We are the sum of our combined expertise, constant collaboration and a positive vision. Global is here to help you inspire audiences around the world with world-class music.

We collaborate with our friends to make the world sound better.

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Music brings us together.

Our Global and diverse creative network is committed to the art of songwriting and music production in order to help brands and storytellers inspire audiences around the world.

What our friends say about us.

Andrei Stroe
Program Director at Kiss FM Romania

The team over at Global Music Branding has over-delivered on our needs. Searching for an audio identity is usually stressful and full of "what if’s” because it's what defines us as a radio. It was a tough job, because dealing with worldwide hits makes us very picky about music in general. So combining identity with music was no easy task for them. A task they nevertheless completed in a fun and friendly manner. We now consider Gustavo, Tim & Dennis friends and colleagues, not an outside source.

Steven Vincent
VP Music & Soundtracks at Disney Channel

"Our songwriting process for Zombies 3 was very competitive, but the team from Global wrote a hit and won themselves a spot in their first attempt at working with Disney Branded Television. Looking forward to many more opportunities to work with this talented team creating songs for our movies and series. Go Global!"

Yaron Spiwak
Sr. Music Producer & Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering Global Music Studio

"Global Music Branding is one of the most innovative music production houses I have had the pleasure working with. The music they deliver is extremely polished, original, emotional and fun. In addition to great music, they are also very professional, well organized and collaborate extremely well. I highly recommend taking a music journey together with them!"